Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well I was in the Main Showcase yesterday and I was really hoping for some sales. I didn't get a single one and my views barely moved. I guess no one looks at the Showcases?? From what I've read in the forums the past few days (after I bought the showcase spot) most people find their items through a search, front page, treasury or gift guides. I personally look at the showcases everyday to see what people are showing off. I've found some great finds that way, guess I'm one of few that actually look at them. Oh well, it was a learning experience and I've learned that it wasn't worth my $15!! I've got two more showcases coming up, this time I'll be in the Art showcase. I've got a spot on Black Friday and also Cyber Monday, we'll see if I get any sales from those but I"m not holding my breath!!


ReeesaT said...

I recently did a showcase and had about the same experience. Good luck with your upcoming ones! They seem to be on good days :)

Start To Finish Supplies said...

I did the main showcase about a year ago and it was a dud then too. No sales, no hearts and little views. I also did the supplies showcase and had the same outcome.

I hope this next round goes better for you!

Kleman Photography said...

I wish I had read about them BEFORE purchasing them. I'll post about it again after the second two. I'm hoping those goes a little better but not counting on it!