Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Main Showcase Wednesday, November 19th

I'm really excited. I was able to snag a spot in the Main Showcase for tomorrow, Wednesday November 19th. It was hard to get, the page seemed to take forever to load but I finally got on and was able to quickly get one. I think they sold out in about 5 minutes. I've got a spot in the Art Showcase on Friday November 28th and also on Monday December 1st. I'm hoping for some big sales, we'll see. I've read mixed reviews on the showcases. Half say they aren't worth it and the other half say they are. I'm one who looks at the showcases on a daily basis, so to me it was worth giving it a try. I figured there has to be others out there like me who look at it, hopefully those folks take a look tomorrow!! I plan to take a look at my views tonight before I log off and then compare them to the numbers on Thursday morning. I'll post after that and let you know if was worth it or not!! Wish me luck.

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