Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Etsy Seller

So I've decided that on Monday's and Friday I am going to be featuring fellow etsy sellers. Today I'm featuring the teaman. I found the teaman while searching the forums and his tea's sounded so good that I had to buy some. Now these were originally purchased as gifts for grandparents but they smelled so good that we had to try them out!! Needless to say, I now need to purchase more to replace the ones we are now keeping. I'm not normally a big fan of flavored tea but I really enjoyed both of the flavors we tried, Apple Cinnamon Green tea and Vanilla. The teaman is located in Howell, MI and has been hand making tea since 1994. If you are a fan of tea or know someone who is you should really check out his shop. He has a variety of flavors and also has some sets that include nice tins available and he has great prices.

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