Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emerson's New Hat

So Sunday Emerson came up to me and said he wanted his picture taken with his new hat we bought the other day. I thought it was cute and said ok. So I got out my camera while Brian got him dressed and we headed to the park across the street for a little bit. Normally he doesn't sit still for pictures so we were surprised he wanted them done. We decided it would be best to let him decide where to go and Damian and Brian tried helping him pose. Most of the time he would sit still for about 20 seconds and take off again but that was ok because he was having fun with it. I was surprised when I got home to find that I actually got some good shots of him. Here are some of my favorites, enjoy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Senior Pictures

Last Saturday I met up with one of our friends from church to do some Senior Pictures for her daughter. She found this great park online for the photo shoot and I was so excited to take pictures there. I stopped to check it out the week before and it was absolutely beautiful, it had this gorgeous flower garden and a river overlook. I was so excited Saturday morning and couldn't wait to get going. Then I left the house and saw all the lovely fog, not what I wanted as a backdrop in my pictures. We started at the front of the park and slowly made our made towards the back where the river overlook was. I really wanted to get a picture of her with the river in the background but it was to just foggy. We decided to keep moving through the park and come back to that spot last in hopes that the fog would be gone. Unfortunately that never happened but even with all the fog I am pretty happy with how they turned out, I think we got some great shots. Here's some of my favorites, enjoy.

This is one of my favorites

Instead of the River behind her we got Fog!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Damian's 4th Grade pictures

So I decided that this year I won't be purchasing school pictures for Damian, I'll just do them myself. We went on vacation for a week with my family at the end of August and decided to spend a morning doing pictures. We were staying about a half hour from Manistee, MI so we decided to head up there. It was a beautiful day for pictures. We started out on the Riverwalk and then headed down to the beach. We didn't have much luck at the beach, by the time we got down that way it was a little to bright not to mention very windy. I did get two nice pictures of Emerson at the beach!

Talsma Family

While I was down in Illinois doing my cousins Senior Pictures I got the chance to do some family pictures also. It was a great night for pictures and the boys enjoyed it because they were able to play on the playground for awhile.

Thanks to Emerson everyone was smiling in this one

I love this one

I think this is one of my favorites

Aaron's Senior Pictures

My Cousin Aaron is a Senior this year down in Illinois and I had the chance to take his pictures. The boys and I headed down in August for a few days to visit and while we were there I was able to get some great shots of him.