Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Great Fall day for pictures

So today was a decent day weather wise. It was pretty cloudy but it wasn't raining and it was warm outside. We decided to go ahead and take advantage of the weather and try to get some pictures of the boys one last time before all the leaves fall. We were hoping for some family pictures for our Christmas card but were lucky to get the couple of shots I did get of the boys together. Emerson wasn't in the mood for pictures today so he went and played on the playground with dad while I took some pictures of Damian around the park. It was pretty busy there today, lots of photographers doing photo shoots! I'm really happy with the way the pictures turned out, the trees look beautiful with the bright colors, I think we picked the right time to go over there. I really like how the leaves seems to bring out the blue in Damian's eyes in some of the pictures. I hadn't done his soccer pictures yet for this season so we figured we better do it now while it warm. I hope you enjoy them!

I think this is my favorite one

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