Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Senior Pictures

Last Saturday I met up with one of our friends from church to do some Senior Pictures for her daughter. She found this great park online for the photo shoot and I was so excited to take pictures there. I stopped to check it out the week before and it was absolutely beautiful, it had this gorgeous flower garden and a river overlook. I was so excited Saturday morning and couldn't wait to get going. Then I left the house and saw all the lovely fog, not what I wanted as a backdrop in my pictures. We started at the front of the park and slowly made our made towards the back where the river overlook was. I really wanted to get a picture of her with the river in the background but it was to just foggy. We decided to keep moving through the park and come back to that spot last in hopes that the fog would be gone. Unfortunately that never happened but even with all the fog I am pretty happy with how they turned out, I think we got some great shots. Here's some of my favorites, enjoy.

This is one of my favorites

Instead of the River behind her we got Fog!!

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