Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday's Featured Etsy Seller

Ok, so I know it's Tuesday, I'm slacking a little in this department. So Monday's Featured seller is TheFetchingHound. I was doing a search one day for Truffles on etsy looking for something to bring along to Thanksgiving when I came across the Itty Bitty Bites. The picture looked yummy so I thought I would check them out. Wow, does she have a variety of those things. It was hard to decide what I wanted to get!! These things are great, they are balls of cake (your choice), swirled in frosting then dipped in candy coating. You get 12 of these in each order, I of course couldn't decide and bought two different flavors (the two pictured above)!!! She even sent us a few samples of other flavors available and I think next time I will try the Coconut Dream!! If these don't sound that appealing to you she also has cookies and some other goodies listed in her store. TheFetchingHound is a registered LLC and all items are made in a licensed kitchen. So if your looking for a great gift for someone or a treat to bring along to a Holiday party I suggest checking out TheFetchingHound, I know I'll be back for more for Christmas!!

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